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NoNags Freeware
Source Forge
The Gnu Projeect

  This page is primarily devoted to places for downloading free, and to some extent shareware software. Some sites are well organized to help you find what you're looking for, some are not. Some have freeware only, some have freeware and shareware. Of those, some make it easy to look at each separately some don't. Some rate the quality of the software on their site, some don't. No two sites carry the same software packages, so sometimes when looking for a particular function in a piece of software you may need to look at lots of sites until we find what you're looking for (or don't). This site is to help you find that software.

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Software Download Sites

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  Freeware sites that do rate the software
NoNags Freeware one of the very best sites for freeware
Snapfiles does a very good job on shareware and freeware. You can view them separately or together.
Fort Freeware this is an English site. Check here to understand their rating system
Tucows       AZ Mirror This site mostly covers shareware and demoware, but does include some freeware. They are one of the best sites for locating good shareware
SoftLandMark a good commercial/shareware/freeware site in India

Freeware sites that don't rate the software
Source Forge Largest source of Open Source(code) Software, free
for individual & commercial use. Easy search interface requires registration

The Gnu Projeect Windows Software see also
The Free Country Excellent resource for Programmers, Webmasters and Security utilities
Download.com by CNet   An extensive lister of freeware and shareware. They can be separated in advanced search, but the search is pretty weak. When I do a search for a firewall (description), freeware (license type), for Windows XP (OS) the first hit is IRQ Pro with Yahoo Messenger and NeoNapster (and similar poor choices) in the top 10. If you know exactly what you're looking for, this might be a good choice.
ASP Home Page This site is for shareware professionals. You can learn a lot about shareware here, and you can get an extensive listing of sites that distribute shareware

Sites of specific software authors
Solway's Shareware Page

Software Recommended by Others
James A. Eshelman also check these
Tom Porterfield
Zero's Realm
GPick List of Lists
Pricelessware The Usenet group alt.comp.freeware rates what they consider the best software in various categories evey year. This is their list - excellent resource

Freeware sites that make the "avoid at all costs list"
I really don't want to provide links to this site (1 so far), so I'll only list it
Simtel.net     the first thing I noticed was that this site did not display properly in Mozilla. After working with it for awhile, I decided to see how it worked with Windows Explorer. It did display better. After a very short time SpyBot Search and Destroy caught and prevented the download of some spyware they were putting onto my system. Three lessons. Don't use Internet Explorer. Don't Visit Simtel. Do use SpyBot Search and Destroy.