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These sites are (or have been) of value to me, and are not likely to be useful to most people. But for anyone who finds them useful - here they are


  System Notices   Addr NetSonic  //  PO Box 28283  //  Green Bay, WI 54324
  Support Request Form   Main Phone (toll free) (877) 432-0360
  -   Emergency Phone # (920) 432-0360
  Client Sppt Area   FAX # (920) 432-0364
  send emergency email (less than 200 words) to []  
  access billing info   anti-spam statistics

  Control Panel   Addr  //   //  San Diego, CA
  Support page   Tech Support (toll free)
Sales (toll free)
(888) 301 2516
(877) 275-8763

Sales (800) 395-8425 Tech Support (800) 395-8410
Help Page
Dialup 605-1880 (v.34, K56) 889-0101 * (v.34, K56) 640-6096 (v.34)
~ Web Mail ~ ~
- Tier 1 Tech Support
(800) 234-3993
Local Cust Svc (NOT!)
(623) 594-1000
Other Tech Support #
(888) 509-0003
- Cox Home Page Cox Phx Page Cox billing
- bill pay phone (new #)
(623) 594-1000
Cox system status Tech Sppt email addr

email maintenance 480-505-8877
Hosting maintenance

Tech Support 943-3119
Dialup 381-3655 274-4685

Global Crossing(Primenet)
Tech Support 416-7000 395-1010
Phoenix Dialup 594-8000 240-9930 416-5000 USR x2 cnnxn = 379-1200

These are the 81 Domain Registries in the United States
Sept , 2003
! AlohaNIC LLC Website01
#1 Accredited Registrar Website02
#1 Domain Names International, Inc. dba Website03
007Names, Inc. Website04
123 Easy Domain Names, Inc. dba Signature Domains Website05
123 Registration, Inc. Website06
1eNameCo Website07
1stDomain.Net, a division of G+D International LLC Website08
@com Technology, LLC Website09
AAAQ.COM, Inc. Website10
ABR Products Inc. dba Nitin Networks Website11
Abacus America, Inc. d/b/a Names4ever Website12
Address Creation Website13
Adgrafix Corporation Website14
Alice's Registry, Inc. Website15
All West Communications, Inc. DBA AWRegistry Website16 Website17
America Online, Inc. Website19
Annulet Incorporated Website20
Best Registration Services, Inc. dba Website21
Blue Razor Domains, Inc. Website22
Blueberry Hill Communications, Inc. d/b/a Website23 Website24
C I Host, Inc. Website25
CAT, Inc. dba Website26 Website27
Centergate Research Group, LLC Website28
Central Registrar, Inc. d/b/a Website29
Corporate Domains, Inc. Website30
Dodora Unified Communications, Inc. Website31
Domain Bank, Inc. Website32
Domain Monkeys, LLC Website33
Domain Registration Services, Inc. dba Website34
Domain-It!, Inc. dba Domain-It! Website35
DomainName, Inc. Website36
DomainPro, Inc. Website37 Website38 Inc. Website39, Inc. Website40
Dotster, Inc. Website41
EnCirca, Inc. Website42
GKG.NET, INC. Website43
GlobalHosting, Inc. d/b/a SiteRegister Website44
Go Daddy Software, Inc. Website45
IKANO Communications, Inc. Website47
InnerWise,Inc. d/b/a Website48
InterAccess Co. Website49
Interactive Telecom Network, Inc. Website50
Intercosmos Media Group, Inc. Website51
Moniker Online Services LLC Website52
Name 2 Host, Inc. dba Website53
NameEngine, Inc. Website54 Inc. Website55, Inc. Website56, Inc. Website57
Network Solutions, Inc. Registrar Website58
Omnis Network, LLC Website60
OnlineNIC, Inc. (United States) Website61
Parava Networks, Inc. Website62
R & K Global Business Services Website63
R. Lee Chambers Company LLC Website64, Inc. Website65
Registration Technologies, Inc. Website66
Shaver Communications, Inc. Website67
Spot Domain LLC dba and Website68, Inc. Website69
TLDs Inc. d/b/a SRSplus Website70
The NameIT Corporation d/b/a Website71
The Registry at Info Avenue d/b/a IA Registry Website72
TierraNet Inc. d/b/a DomainDiscover Website73
USA Webhost Website74
Universal Registration Services, Inc. dba Website75
Wild West Domains, Inc. Website76
eMarkmonitor Inc. dba Markmonitor Website77
eNom, Inc. Website78, Inc. d/b/a Website79
iNamePro dba DynaDot Website80
pair Networks, Inc.d/b/a pairNIC Website81

InfoMagic - small commercial list
MegaNet - very slow & removed often
US West - Res=(800)244-1111 // Sm Bus=(800)603-6000