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It's so hard to find reliable news or non corporate viewpoints today. The doublespeak of 1984 really seems to be the vocabulary of government, politics, and many news sources. I've tried to amass a collection of news sources which include the finest standard American news institutions as well as hard to find reporting unfiltered by the constraints of our increasingly consolidated mass media - or at least filtered through different filter(s). It was fairly hard to find honest and authoritative alternative sources, but I think I succeeded pretty well. I haven't found a collection of news links I respect nearly as much, but of course, I collected what I like. I hope you like this as well. You'll also find a significant collection of foreign news sources printed in English, so if something significant is happenning in the world, you can hear reporting from where it is happenning, instead of only what is available from American sources. I've spent a lot of time ferreting out these sources, and if you're interested in the news, several hours investigating what's here could be illuminating. If you want to listen to only 90 minutes of news (or additional news) each week, check out Media Matters and CounterSpin, to get honest reporting you won't find elsewhere.

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